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tv   KCCI 8 News at Ten  Me-TV  December 27, 2015 10:00pm-11:00pm CST

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northwestern iowa has a winter storm warning -- with the exception of one lone county. across most of the state, a good swath of snow. the totals coming up in just a little bit. you look out there at the moment, mainly clouds. the bulk of this is going to hold off until 4:00, 5:00, 6:00 in the morning. either way, that is going to be just in time for the morning commute. i think the evening commute is going to be even more treacherous. if you do head out and about, you are going to want to keep an eye on your weather. be safe as you head out and about. that snow will be with us nearly all day long. 31 for a high temperature by noon. a breakdown of the storm coming
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laura: des moines public works is well underway in its preparations for 6 or more inches of snow. kcci's marcus mcintosh explains. marcus: this is the des moines public works department's first line of defense before the snow starts to fall. class right now, we are just doing a salt brining operation. marcus: the salt brine solution will go down on all 17 snow routes, all 40 districts, all hills, and all intersections in des moines. >> we put the brine application down so we don't have snow pack. the brining allows us to plow the snow off on a first pass and pushes the snow off completely so we can get down to bare pavement. we are also putting on all of our cutting edges, checking all of our equipment to make sure everything is up to par based on the fact we haven't had a lot snow this year. marcus: that lack of snow has done two things. it has not come close to
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removal budget, so any funds saved will go into other public works projects. that lack of snow also has public works drivers anxious and ready to get to work. >> they are really prepared and they are looking forward to coming out and taking care of the city of des moines. laura: burell says once the first inch of snow falls, the plows will hit the streets and everyone should have their cars off the snow routes. taking a look at the des moines airports live arrivals and departures board, most flights still running on time. but there are a few delays coming and going from atlanta and dallas. if you plan on flying, you'll want to check your flight status before heading out. you can always count on kcci to keep you in the know as the winter storm hits. watch live radar and get weather and closing alerts on your smartphone with our kcci mobile app. at least 11 people in the dallas area are dead, following the touchdown of several tornadoes late last night. today, survivors and emergency crews have been assessing the extensive damage. omar villafranca reports.
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shed is shredded, wrapped around a pole on his neighbor's property. his neighborhood outside of dallas was one of hardest hit by a swarm of tornadoes. we ran inside the bathroom and hunkered down and the next thing you heard was crashing glass. omar: the occasional lightning strike illuminated the twisters that started touching down in the dallas area around 6:30 saturday night. at least 11 people died including several who were in , their cars when a tornado crossed interstate 30. officials say the path of destruction stretches for 40 miles and more than 600 structures are damaged or destroyed. weather forecasters say two tornadoes clocked speeds of up to 200 miles per hour, tossing mobile homes like toys and flattening entire streets. the governor of texas says the situation is still volatile across the northern part of the state that is simultaneously experiencing extreme ice and snow conditions and torrential
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>> they need you to remain at vigilance. omar: local officials in a town outside dallas sent out 4 alerts in the minutes before the tornadoes hit, warning people to take cover. >> i think that's the reason we had fewer fatalities and fewer injuries than we had. omar: at this early stage of the recovery, authorities warn the number of victims may still rise. omar villafranca, cbs news, rowlett, texas. laura: four texas counties are under a state of emergency. the national weather service says texas tornadoes this time of year are unusual. new information in a deadly greene county car crash. iowa state patrol says 20-year-old sydney thomas died in a single car crash last night. it happened along highway 25 around 6:45 p.m. an online report says she was a passenger in the car when it went off the road. all she grabbed the wheel to help correct the car, but it went into a ditch. thomas was ejected from the car. the driver, 20-year-old ashley andrews, has minor injuries. right now, this man is sitting behind bars charged with his third owi.
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arrested saturday after fleeing the scene of a two car crash in perry. it happened saturday afternoon on highway 141 and 8th street. five people in white van were taken to the hospital. police say royer ran into a nearby apartment, but police searched the building and took him into custody. royer is facing a long list of charges. no word on the conditions of the 5 people in the other car at this time. a christmas day car crash in fort dodge is now deadly. family members tell us 6-year-old payton henry passed away last night at blank children's hospital in des moines. she had been on life support since the crash. on christmas morning, her family was driving on highway 20 when a jeep crossed the center line and hit their truck head on. all 6 people were hurt in the crash. >> it's absolutely unbelievable, absolutely devastating. to see this family going through all of thihi laura: state patrol officials say the crash is still under investigation and charges are pending. a link to the family's gofundme
10:06 pm right now newton police are , asking for your help to find this 12-year-old girl. police say charlene brown is 5'2" tall with brown hair and brown eyes. she was last seen wearing white and blue flannel pajamas. she is believed to be with non-custodial family. if you have any information , you can contact newton police at 641-791-0850. a man convicted of murder and arson in des moines county has died in a hospice care unit. 65-year-old dennis richards died from throat cancer on friday. richards has been in prison since 2010. he was serving 50 years for second degree murder in the death of his ex-wife. candidates are back on the campaign trail today after taking a few days off for christmas. right now, democrat martin mr. o'malley: is in des moines.
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leadership forum at the des moines social club this afternoon. about a hundred people came to hear him. he focused on foreign policy and moving forward as a country. mr. o'malley: it is not about the differences, it's not about what separates us, it's about what unites, about the whole, about the connections. that's particularly true when it comes to discussing the path our country will take in the years ahead. stacey: mr. o'malley will be in iowa until the 30th. tomorrow morning he will be at a forum in webster city. and as the week goes on, chris christie, marco rubio, donald trump, and bernie sanders will also make stops around the hawkeye state. tensions are high in chicago tonight after police shot and killed two people this weekend. police say one of the victim's -- one of the victims was shot accidentally. brian webb reports. brian: chicago police admit that an officer made a mistake
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>> when i came out my room and i looked and seen my mom on the floor and i just got to crying. brian: police were responding to reports that 19-year-old college student quintonio legrier was acting agitated and armed with a baseball bat. officers shot him several times. he died at the hospital. >> he wasn't a violent person, he was somebody that wanted to go somewhere. and the people that are supposed to protect us took kids life. -- took his life. brian: both shooting victims are black. police refused to release the race of the officer or officers involved. >> they were confronted by a combative individual, resulting in an officer firing shots, fatally wounding two individuals. brian: grieving family and friends held a news conference , wearing shirts that read, "rahm failed us", referring to chicago mayor rahm emanuel. >> why you got to shoot first and ask questions later?
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somebody got to do something about this! brian: a memorial was held to remember the victims while the incident is under investigation. brian webb for cbs news. laura: the chicago police department is the subject of a civil rights investigation after teenager laquan mcdonald was shot 16 times by officer jason van dyke, who was later charged with murder. forced to leave everything behind california residents , escaping a fast burning wildfire. the current status on the flames and when things could look a lot better. plus bowl bound. , one lucky central iowa teenager got the christmas surprise of a lifetime. see his reaction and how his family is preparing for the game. and, it's been one of the most historic seasons in hawkeye history. we recap the wild season for iowa in sunday sports extra. >> monday morning on kcci, we start wrapping up 2015 and looking forward to the new year. we'll help you get those new year's resolutions ready, and of course we'll have your weather and traffic information and all
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announcer: this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news at 10:00 with todd magel, laura terrell, meteorologist jason sydejko, and sports with scott reister. laura: a waukee teen got the biggest surprise this christmas, tickets to the rose bowl.
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him and his family before they hit the road to pasadena. rose: laura, this family bleeds black and gold. nathan sanders said he visited the rose bowl a few years ago, but never imagined he'd ever watch his hawkeyes play there. at first, 16-year-old nathan sanders thought it was just a shirt. >> yea! rose: instead, 2 tickets to the rose bowl >> it just happened, i didn't know, i just got so excited. >> for him to run around the house and then do leaps coming back in, that was such a great thing to see. rose: for two weeks, his parents hid the secret from the lifelong hawkeye fan. >> we said ok, we got to surprise nathan. i mean this is big. i get the goosebumps thinking about it. rose: a surprise, he never expected. >> it's just really special. it's really cool it's still kinda surreal we're actually going. i'm sure it's going to be a really cool experience. rose: sanders is driving to the game with his dad, uncle, and cousin. the incoming snow moved up their travel plans. >> also bringing some new hawkeye shorts that i got.
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mountain of black and gold. >> we're going to get as far as we can. we're going to try to get to denver tonight on sunday, so that we can try to beat that storm so we can get a head start on it. rose: all zipped up, car packed. there's still just one thing nathan has left to figure out, in return for the trip of a lifetime. >> probably do some more chores around the house, something like that. rose: the sanders tell me they hope to get to pasadena on tuesday. they also plan on going to a few hawkeye huddles to get in the spirit. in studio, rose heaphy, kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader. stacey: more weather problems across the country. severe flooding. emergency crews in oklahoma say two people had to be rescued after the tent they were staying in got swept away by flood waters. police say they were checking water levels on a street near polecat creek when they spotted a couple clinging to a tree-line. crews were able to get a boat into the water and rescue the couple.
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limited. few drivers were out in amarillo, texas on the snow covered streets. the city got 5-6 along with high winds. to the west, much of new mexico is dealing with huge snowfall. more than 16 inches have fallen in some parts of that state. up to 24 inches is forecasted. new video shows how terrifying it was for many california residents forced to flee from a massive wildfire. the fire ignited christmas night when strong winds blew down a power line north of los angles. -- of los angeles. here's mireya villarreal. mireya: this is the nightmare southern residents fear most after four years of draft -- of drought conditions. evacuees like jillian johnson caught in the middle. grassley have got to get out of
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mireya: it has been more than 40 years since the coastal community of solimar beach last burned. as the flames exploded this family had just minutes to evacuate. >> i'm 29-years-old. i don't think theres ever been a fire at this hillside here. mireya: once the residents escaped crews attacked the fire , head on. this video from the ventura county fire department shows a bulldozer scraping brush near the flames. santa monica deputy fire chief tom clemo. >> despite the challenges of high winds, steep terrain, significant brush, we were able to bring a stop to all forward progress to the fire and did not lose any structures. mireya: it may be another day or two before the fire is fully contained. all that remains now are hot spots, colbert -- hot spots calmer winds, and relief. that a major disaster was avoided. mireya villarreal, cbs news, los angeles. laura: meteorologist jason sydejko is busy updating our forecast. jason, when will the snow storm
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jason s: it will be early morning hours, i think. around 5:00, 6:00, 7:00, somewhere in that timeframe. the heaviest will be late morning into early afternoon. if you do have travel plans tomorrow, they will likely be affected. winter storm warnings were nearly every county in iowa. some of us could see both sides of that. single digits in storm lake. northwestern portions of the state have been below zero four feels like temperatures for the past few hours. we are starting to see the first signs of that system. we saw a couple brief spots of sunshine. if you saw it, you are clearly lucky. the clouds roll right back in ahead of the system. light snow tried to make its way
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clouds early. sunshine finally. kind of ridiculous how many people were waiting for that. we keep the accumulating snow early on, and that will eventually taper off as we get into the evening hours. it looks like it could lay down quite the swap of rain, sleet, and snow. continuing to take shape off to the south. mounds of snow in severe weather through parts of texas as well. you can see the moisture building ahead of that. ample moisture polls from this system. how it interacts with this area of high pressure is very difficult right now to track. recent models have continued to
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we can see that heavier snow axis continue to shift into the morning hours. as we head to the early morning, des moines under the gun. the heaviest stuff will come later. you get heavier snow that rolls on through. into the evening, still seeing some of that, even on the backside of this system. as far as totals go, around 6-9 inches fairly widespread. 4-6 inches from dubuque to around lamoni. please, be safe you're headed out tomorrow. you will likely see snow-covered or ice cover for a good portion of the day. breeze out of the northeast is
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33 degrees is your high. blowing snow along with that snow and ice we will see. temperatures look mild. that wind is going to be kind of ridiculous. put on the warm gear if you are headed out. it does not get any warmer. 18 degrees on thursday. we just a coupleleits of sunshine. 27 degrees with sunshine on saturday. stacey: tony seeman in now with sports and things are heating up
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announcer: one candidate tough enough to take on the bully... jeb bush: donald, you're not going to be able to insult your way to the presidency. that's not going to happen. (applause) announcer: one candidate tough enough to take on isis. jeb will destroy isis... and keep america safe. jeb bush: the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. announcer: tested and proven leadership matters. jeb bush.
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announcer: from iowa's sports leader, this is kcci 8 sports. scott: heading into sunday, the green bay packers sat atop the nfc north, a win on the road against arizona would certainly help keep them there late in the season. but the arizona cardinals are absolute divorce to be reckoned with. carson palmer connects with larry fitzgerald for the opening td. green bay's offense all out of sorts.
10:23 pm
buy some time and he is in trouble. arizona returns it for a td. arizona roles 38-8. in the fourth quarter, 42-10 over new york. the colts and the browns. first quarter. chiefs at home taking -- she's at home playing well. two jeremy maclin for the opening touchdown. later on travis kelce for the 13 , yard score. closing seconds of the game. the browns with a chance. clock is ticking. kc survives and clinches a spot in the playoffs. 17-13, the final the bears on the road taking on tampa bay. two teams out of the playoff hunt.
10:24 pm
, carey for the touchdown. closing seconds, tampa bay hail mary. jameis winston and it somehow works. final play, they would need to score off the onside kick, bears hold on and get the win 26-21 , the final. undefeated carolina panthers taking on the atlanta falcons. look at cam newton just saying, i am bigger and stronger than you. fighting for the first down, he does get it. matt ryan is going to chuck it deep to julio jones for the td ouchdown. atlanta hands carolina their first loss of the season. the iowa wild returned home to wells fargo arena. they get a win tonight. 3-1 is your final. be sure to stick around for sunday sports extra. we are talking all things iowa
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we hear from the hawks in california as they gear up for the big game and we recap one of the most historical seasons in hawkeye history. stacey: coming up a christmas , surprise. a dog finally returned to its owners. you will be amazed to hear how long the pet was missing. plus some city employees in , california helped make a 4-year-old's christmas wish come true. but this was no ordinary wish.
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announcer: the most-watched news in central iowa. this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news at 10:00. jason s: we continue to keep an eye on a winter storm that will be rolling through early tomorrow and throughout the day. if you do have traffic plans, those roads are likely to be covered with snow and ice. extreme northwestern iowa. if you are literally anywhere in the state, you will be seeing the snow out there.
10:28 pm
waterloo, 6.7. nearly all these locations have a chance at breaking these records. we are starting to see some of that make its way through extreme southeastern portions of the state. that will continue to advance northward tomorrow. plan on a slick commute for the morning as the snow begins to pile up. we will see the wind kick in as well and that will be blowing the snow is -- blowing the snow. coming up, i will further breakdown the timing and how much snow you can expect coming up here shortly. stacey: star wars the force awakens has now reached $1 billion at the box office.
10:29 pm
biggest box office history that day alone. a high-speed chase on water. three men are poured -- three men aboard a stolen vessel were apprehended approximately 125 miles east of cancun mexico, after leading the coast guard on miles. it all started on christmas eve near fort myers beach, florida. it is a story might see in a christmas movie playing out in reality. >> i would have loved to know where he has been all this time. stacey: willie the dog went missing more than six years ago. his owners were vacationing in the mountains when willie randolph. he didn't come back in the family had to call off the search until last week when i got a phone call from a shelter. >> unexpected. stacey: turns out, willie had
10:30 pm
was picked up from another family. he ran up again recently until the shelter found him. the family is now calling it a christmas miracle. a strange request from a four-year-old boy for christmas. most children ask for toys that all a california boy wanted was garbage cans. jedediah wells roles the trash cans out for his whole neighborhood. if years ago, he became fascinated with the trucks. since then, he has been a neighborhood staple. >> he loves me. he loves all things garbage. he can't get enough of the drivers. stacey: said that did bring in some remote control dump trucks and toys, but his favorite gift
10:31 pm
drivers who delivered him four new cans for christmas. it is a festive house billions of light and dozens of hours put into building a castle like display. >> for nearly six years, it has been a light lover's dream. these bringers of light are kim and frank kuhn. the amount of light i have is a lot. i guesstimated about 500 thousand. >> each strand is carefully wrapped and stapled to this disney themed castle that is literlally attached to their
10:32 pm
frank literally build this by hand. while frank takes care of all the technical stuff kim plays , the hostess. but something kim and frank now realize is just how demanding some people can be. >> at times, people will come to our door at 11:00 or even midnight and ask us to turn the lights back on. >> i think if i didn't do in one year we'd have pitch forks and , everybody after my head or something. >> would you be sad if you didn't see this next year? >> of course. >> but frank and kim say they're not going anywhere. >> we've had people come up and say to us, thank you so much for doing this. we come here almost every night so that we can enjoy it. our kids enjoy it. they don't even think about
10:33 pm
get. this is what it is about. this is why we do it. >> it certainly demonstrates the spirit of christmas to me. stacey: you may remember that man right there. this year, he earned himself a spot on the praised as one of america's best mayors who governed as a pragmatist. bernie sanders passed more amendments in a republican congress than any other member. cracked the gridlock with john mccain to strengthen veterans' healthcare. bernie sanders. a consistent, principled, and effective leader. building a future to believe in.
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announcer: this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news at 10:00 with todd magel, laura terrell, meteorologist jason sydejko, and sports with scott reister. stacey: liberated into the end of this, -- from the famous to the end of this comedy hilarious to the heart wrenching -- and seriously, what color is the dress? this year was chock full of viral moments. jeremy raab gives a look through the viral stories. jeremy: seven-year-old dylan barnes shook it off this year. dancing his way onto "ellen", and into the presence of taylor herself. barnes got to meet the superstar backstage at her tour stop in
10:35 pm
epic dance-off. >> october 21st, 2015. >> you mean we're in the future? jeremy: the future arrived in 2015, at least in back to the future part 2 terms. on october 21, the world paused to geek out over the day the 1989 movie named the future, a world of flying cars, hoverboards and holograms. the whole thing culminated with the actors showing up on prime time in, what else, the delorean. there was perhaps no viral video in 2015 as horrifying as this. a vehicle dash camera captured a transasia flight as it careened out of the sky, clipped a vehicle on a bridge and plunged , into a river. officials say pilot error was to blame. 43 people were killed. pharmaceutical ceo martin shkreli made headlines when he raised the price of a life-saving aids medication.
10:36 pm
daraprim skyrocketed from $13.50 to $750 per pill overnight. the daily beast declared shkreli the most-hated man in america, surpassing even the dentist who killed cecil the lion. speaking of zimbabwe's prized , cecil the lion was illegally hunted in july sparking an international firestorm against walter palmer. and while palmer didn't face charges, he did face abject humiliation. the controversy inspired ridiculous halloween costumes. it was a fan's ode to the singer's frozen dessert pies sent sales through the roof when his musical review went viral and captured the attention of the singer herself. labelle made sure the fan got his just desserts, hosting him for thanksgiving dinner. from one diva to another. johanna colon channeled the essence of aretha during a summer dance recital. the sassy 6-year-old tapped her
10:37 pm
>> take care, tcb. >> and the story that had everyone talking this year, the dress. is it blue and black or white and gold? a question that sparked countless buzzfeed articles and threatened to tear families apart. for the record, it's totally blue and black. i'm jeremy roth reporting. laura: preparations are in full swing in new york city for one of the biggest celebrations of the year, new year's eve in times square. today, workers and -- install 288. hundreds of thousands are expected to watch the ball drop at midnight on thursday in times where. now back to our developing weather story. jason s: if you are traveling the morning commute, evening commute, or going out for lunch, you likely are going to be impacted by this snow and potential for a little bit of
10:38 pm
we're continuing to see this system into its way further northward. eventually, overtaking the state and dropping a pretty good swath of snow. you can see the magnitude. it is spanning all the way down into texas. they saw buckets of snow and even some rain down south in kansas city. this whole map shifting its way our direction. look at all the way to the upper peninsula of michigan. all the way to duluth, minnesota as well. that is going to drop a good chunk of snow on us. they say some people can get six, maybe even 10 inches of snow. temperatures climbing into the low 30's. good enough for a degree above average if you're counting. it is going to continue to snow literally all day long.
10:39 pm
that will help the transition to snow. that heavier batch of snow is going to shift off to the north. we're going to continue to see at least light snow into the evening. not going to be as accumulating as we saw hurley on in the day. even though we see the heaviest will have been behind uss. i suppose you want to know how heavy we are talking. we talked earlier about the eastern shift. it does but 7.9 inches down des moines, which with the latest shift is absolutely feasible. i wouldn't doubt some of us could see higher amounts then this. not to be overshadowed is the impact that the ice could have
10:40 pm
that could balloon up into a quarter of an inch or more. if you're headed out tomorrow at all, you will want to check those road issue as you do. slick and snow-covered roads. tonight, the snow already making its way in. 15-30 miles an hour. below zero in the teens to northwestern portions of the state. you can see, some of the cooler air starting to make its way in. the next few days after this, we cool off. 24 on wednesday. if you are a lover of sunshine company finally rolls back into
10:41 pm
seven is your overnight low for friday morning. laura: tony seeman in now with sports. it is hard to believe the rose bowl is just a few days away.
10:42 pm
day was just yes announcer: from iowa's sports leader, this is kcci 8 sports.
10:43 pm
, senior tight end jake duzey will not be playing in this week's rose bowl. duzey reinjured his knee in practice on otherwise, the iowa friday. offense looks pretty healthy heading into the bowl game. jordan canzeri is back practicing and says he's confident he will play. the team also has a few other players returning from injury. they are now healthy and experienced, and that is one tough combination. >> i think there is a lot more experience. those guys have been here for a while. i think it is a big part of it, having experienced guys out there. >> each and every guy does their job and takes their job very seriously. when you have a guy like that, everyone kind of feeds off each
10:44 pm
tony: stanford's offense, along with all star running back christian mccaffrey, has gained a lot of the national attention heading into this game. but stanford is a force on the defensive side of the ball. they are near the top of the pac 12, allowing just over 23 points per game while averaging over 37. the key to their defense, they are stacked with flat out athletes. >> they play hard. throughout all phases of the game. they run a 3-4 defense. it is different, obviously, having three down. a physical group of guys. >> against sanford, they have a lot of athletes that can move. they do a good job disguising some coverages.
10:45 pm
able to read on the fly. tony: kcci is headed out this week. coverage starting on tuesday. the final countdown has begun. friday, the game is set for 4:00 p.m. when or lose in the rose bowl, a memorable year for the hawkeyes. tonight, scott reister takes a trip down memory the -- down memory lane to recap what the most historic seasons in hawkeye history. scott: the season-opening win over illinois state was a thing of beauty. just days later, tragedy struck the hawkeyes family. on september 8, iowa great tyler sash passed away in his hometown of oskaloosa at the age
10:46 pm
a medical examiner said he accidentally overdosed on pain medication. that saturday, the team took the field with heavy hearts and his number nine on their helmets. 14 points in the final two minutes to come away with a c yhawk win. a motions only intensified mexican against pittsburgh. on a video board, none other than brett greenwood led the swarm. sash's old teammate inspired the hawkeyes, who had game tied in the final seconds. that had room to spare. it was the second longest kick in hawkeye history. everyone was jumping for joy except maybe for those poor dancers that were trampled.
10:47 pm
hawkeyes act 3-0. wisconsin on the road. four turnovers force. the badgers still a chance at the end. he tripped as he was making a handoff. a huge 10-6 upset win. jordan can vary -- jordan canzer i with 256 yards, a school record 46 carries. that focus that we can do more, we can practice harder. scott: they had something of running backs, but the depth has been a strong suit. four touchdowns off the bench
10:48 pm
a win over maryland with four more fourth turnovers. happy halloween. the hawkeyes are 8-0. next up, indiana. cj beathard banged up, but going up, up, and away. iowa pulled out a 35-27 win. another close call the next week against minnesota. daniels, touchdown run. 10-0 for the first time ever. the following week, after do , a40-20 win. this theme was now 11-0. the finale at nebraska. iowa wasn't fazed. back-to-back long touchdown runs
10:49 pm
needed to win 28-20, capping an unprecedented 12-0 campaign. the hawkeyes were one win away from the college football playoffs. they had a late lead against the mighty michigan state. until the spartans marched the length of the field and punched in the game-winner with seconds remaining. iowa phil -- iowa fell 16-13. no cfp, but the first rose bowl appearance in decades.
10:50 pm
year for hire law jason s: snow tomorrow. a little bit of ice accumulation as well. in southeastern iowa, odds are
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